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Seattle Violent Crimes Lawyer

Assault, Robbery, & Murder Defense Attorney in Seattle

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act is the largest crime bill in the history of the United States. Since its enactment in 1994, a great deal of work has gone into prosecuting violent crime offenders. This Act called for 100,000 new police officers, $9.7 billion in prison funding, and $6.1 billion in funding for violent crime prevention programs while also expanding the government’s ability to deal with violent criminals here illegally from other countries. The Crime Bill provided $2.6 billion in additional funding for the FBI, DEA, INS, and United States Attorneys leading to a larger number of violent crime arrests and convictions.

There can be no denying that law enforcement officers and policy makers alike are all coming down hard on violent crimes in the state of Washington. Throughout Seattle and surrounding areas, cases of child abuse, manslaughter, murder, and more are being tried and convicted. For this reason, it is vital to the wellbeing of your future that you seek strong legal representation to attend to your case. Even circumstances that do not involve actual physical arm, such as assault cases and armed robbery situations, can still be categorized as violent criminal offenses due to the potential for harm that the matters entail. Therefore, finding an attorney with aggressive skill tactics and an intense knowledge of criminal law should be among your first priorities after an arrest for any type of violent crime. Failure to align yourself with the best representation out there, could quickly lead to a conviction and time spent in prison or on probation.

Considering the fairly recent spike in violent crime awareness and continuing efforts by local, state and federal authorities, it is not surprising that many individuals throughout Washington are being arrested and charged with violent crimes. It is therefore all the more important to involve a competent Seattle violent crime defense lawyer who can provide you with the hard-hitting criminal defense representation that is necessary to combat these charges, investigations or accusations.

Defense for Violent Crime Charges & Arrests

As a criminal defense attorney with more than a decade of experience in this particular field and as a former prosecutor who worked on the "other side" for 7 years, I have the experience, know-how and resources to provide comprehensive defense counsel to clients throughout the Seattle area who are facing violent crime charges of any kind. Some of the particular types of cases I can handle in this regard include, but are not limited to: armed robbery, arson, assault and battery, carjacking, child abuse, hate crimes, kidnapping, manslaughter, murder and vehicular manslaughter. All of these and related violent crime offenses involve a threat, attempt or act of violence upon another person. Depending on the specific nature of the offense, the use of a deadly weapon and the defendant's past criminal history, if any, a defendant may face misdemeanor or felony charges and varied penalties.

No matter what specific charges you may be facing, violent crimes are considered to be of a very serious nature in the Seattle criminal system, and you will need representation from a very good attorney to have a chance at overcoming these charges. Of all the different types of criminal charges, violent crimes have the most severe legal consequences. Under the Three Strikes law, Federal offenders with three or more convictions for serious violent felonies will face mandatory life imprisonment without possibility of parole, so if you already have felony violent offenses on your record it is especially important that you avoid a conviction.

Attorneys who represent clients for violent crimes are required to be forceful and aggressive legal advocates from the very beginning stages of the case. When you choose our firm to represent you, your Seattle violent crime defense lawyer will perform a thorough evaluation of evidence, witness testimony, and police records to put together important pieces of information that may contribute to an effective defense strategy which will be key to avoiding conviction.

Contact a Seattle violent crime attorney today to discuss your violent criminal charges!

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