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Washington Assault & Battery Charges

Assault is the most common type of violent crime committed in the United States and has varying levels of severity depending upon the exact circumstances of the crime.  Assault is defined as the intentional use or threat of force or violence against another person.  Actual physical contact is not required to constitute assault, the threat alone is sufficient.  Battery is often charged in conjunction with assault, and is a violent crime involving actual physical contact with the victim.  In Seattle, assault & battery is committed when an individual:

  • Attempts to or actually strikes another person
  • Acts in a threatening manner to put another in fear of immediate harm
  • Attempts or causes severe injury to another person
  • Causes injury through use of a deadly weapon

Washington law typically considers the threat of physical injury as assault, and the completed act of physical contact or offensive touching as battery.  Assault & battery charges often accompany other types of violent criminal charges, including carjacking, hate crimes and kidnapping.  If you have been charged with assault and battery, you are going to need advanced legal representation from a Seattle violent crimes lawyer at our firm.  Our attorneys are top-notch legal representatives who pour their heart and soul into every case they handle.  Protecting client’s rights is their number one priority and this ensures positive resolutions to the criminal cases they handle.   

Serious & Aggressive Seattle Assault & Battery Lawyers

When addressing charges of assault and battery, your violent crimes attorney will take the time to thoroughly examine all aspects of your case in order to find the most effective defense possible.  Police records, witness testimony, and pertinent evidence will be gathered and evaluated and the more time your lawyer has to do this, the better off you will be.  Some clients hesitate to contact legal representatives after first receiving charges, and this can hinder the progress of the case.  Having a lawyer to immediately begin working on your case will be very important to having your assault & battery charges reduced or dismissed. 

Contact a Seattle Violent Crimes Attorney today if you are facing assault & battery charges!

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